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Security DevOps

While increasing numbers of enterprises are awakening to the benefits of Cloud and DevOps, many are still trapped within traditional security practices that hinder business innovation and agility. Front Five can show you how security can be as agile and automated as the development methodologies they support, so that security is measurable, proven and finally business-enabling.

Cloud Security

Whether you’re an organisation already adopting a ’cloud first’ approach, or simply putting your toe in the water, the Front Five team can help you in addressing and minimising security risks no matter what stage you are in your cloud deployment. We can provide security design and architecture expertise for any of the major cloud providers, ongoing compliance and assurance testing or simply cloud migration advise.

Secure Software Development

At Front Five we believe in security-by-design and champion secure software development. We support the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and are able to help your organisation reach an improved level of software assurance that customers will appreciate. We are able to provide assessment of your current software assurance maturity and guidance on how to effectively implement a Secure Software Development Lifecycle (S-SDLC) programme within your organisation.

Our DevOps Principles

Value is derived in the core DevOps principles that underpin everything we do:

Iterative and Incremental
Continuous Improvement
Automated Wherever Possible
Self-service Enabling
Highly Collaborative
Cloud Agnostic
Business Value Driven

Our DevOps Practices

Just a few of the practices that we provide as part of our DevOps service

Collaboration and workflow management
Source Control Integration
Automated provisioning
Infrastructure Configuration and Management
Continuous build
Continuous integration
Continuous delivery
Automated release management
Incremental testing
Proactive Monitoring

DevOps as a Managed Service plus our engineers can come on-site to engage with your Agile teams