Front Five become certified DORA partners

Front Five become certified DORA partners

Earlier this year the Front Five team traveled to Portland, Oregon for the inaugural DORA partner summit. There we met with peers across the industry to talk all things “DevOps” and to be immersed in DORA. Nicole, Jez and Gene facilitated and led the training, providing DORA orientated practice advice. The Front Five team are proud to be amongst a few certified partners in the EMEA region and DORA is now a key technology that we use for our client assessment and baselining processes. Roadmaps are built to address the clients constraints and our consultants work with the clients teams to address these areas before re-assessing every six months.

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1. Take the Survey
100+ people from across development, testing, infosec and IT operations take the 20minute survey. Because DORA gathers data from practitioners, they get a complete picture of your organization’s capabilities.

2. Baseline Your Performance

DORA have years of data from Global 2000 companies worldwide. Benchmark your performance against the DORA database and discover where you’re ahead of your peers and where you’re falling short.

3. Target Your Investment
You need to know where to invest in order to deliver higher IT performance. The DORA proprietary analysis reveals precisely where a lack of capability is holding you back.

4. Develop your capabilities
All customers receive access to DORA’s exclusive knowledge base, curated by industry experts Gene Kim and Jez Humble. As DORA certified partners the Front Five team are here to accelerate your transformation.