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Front Five are official DORA partners. Our team provides support throughout EMEA with follow up services to drive improvement roadmaps and put your DevOps and digital transformation into overdrive.

Bringing DevOps and Cloud Services together is a natural evolution.
Doing it securely is a must.


At Front Five we accelerate our clients Cloud adoption and DevOps growth using our creative and innovative team to disrupt your current thinking and take you on a journey to change the economics of secure software delivery.


We can do it all for you but sometimes it’s more fun to do it together.

DevOps Automation

You write the code, we automate your world and hit the accelerator…


To harness the full power of the Cloud our DevOps service will take your entire environment and deployment pipeline and automate it. Through managing Infrastructure as code using tools such as Chef and Puppet our team will create, launch, monitor and support your environments 24x7x365.

The Front Five engineering team can be plugged directly in to work alongside your own Agile teams to forge a true DevOps model.  Use our experts to drive adoption of best practice, training for your people and kick start your automation and Cloud journey.

Continuous Security & Compliance

Build securely. At pace.

Whether it’s S-SDLC, automated security testing or just compliance visibility you’re after, we help you ensure security is integrated and enforced every step of the way. We can show you how to embed best of breed security practices in all aspects of the development lifecycle and within your chosen Cloud Service Provider.

Front Five Hybrid Teaming

Every client and project is different. We take a look at the brief and pick the best people to lead the job and deliver an extraordinary response. Our team is blended with Application Engineers, ScrumMasters, Cloud and Security Architects, Test Automation experts and Developers in a totally cross-functional highly collaborative way.

The Cloud enables DevOps and leads to innovation at amazing speed

Front Five clients have 3 core choices to make:

  • Use our Public Cloud, tooling and monitoring platform as a totally managed service
  • Use your Public Cloud provider and we can bring our DevOps expertise to the party
  • Use your own Private Cloud and we can build, deploy and support applications on that

Front Five is a creative tech center for DevOps, automation and Cloud hosting. We’ve built our brand on doing things differently to the ‘big boys’.  Working with partners and collaborators we wanted to take on the oil tankers of the IT world to provide a better and truly agile alternative.

Our Agile approach to work


This is where we help you to figure out where you want to be and the ideal business outcome. It’s assessment, capabilities, cost and engagement time!


Architecting using an iterative and incremental approach to the work. Starting with a solid foundation and understanding of DevOps and the Cloud.


Validate small experiments and delivering value right from the get go. This is where we automate your world and use the full power of the Cloud to drive your business.


Deploying small frequent pieces is the aim of the game. But it’s not over at launch, we continue to support 24x7x365 with world class pro-active monitoring.

We create and share a Product Backlog with you using Jira Agile to track progress all the way.

The Front Five team have access to the main cloud providers and DevOps enabling tools.

Build, Deploy and Monitor with the tools you love to use.

and we are more than happy to use your own standards and tools as part of our DevOps engagement service.

24x7x365 Global Support

Applications don’t just run themselves so we operate a 24x7x365 DevOps support centre that can take platforms and applications into “BAU” mode with continued Cloud Administration, Delivery support, optimisation, proactive monitoring, patching and reporting of usage and costs.

Fully Managed Cloud Services

Continued Cloud monitoring and optimization is essential in order to realise and maintain hybrid cloud benefits. Excessive up-time, over utilization, increased maintenance cost and increased regulatory and security risks are all common issues in an unmanaged cloud environment and it spirals out of control very quickly.

The Front Five fully managed cloud services offering provides 24x7x365 management, monitoring, provisioning, and troubleshooting of your Cloud applications.

Migration to the Cloud – Yours or ours?

Front Five can assess where you are now, plan, automate, deploy and launch the migration. We do straight forward “lift & shifts” but also refits along the way to optimise, automate and set you up for Cloud success. We’ve moved hundreds of application into AWS, Private Clouds, Rackspace and Azure.

DORA – DevOps Research and Assessment

Front Five are proud to be official partners with DORA. Using real science behind DevOps we help you to figure out where you want to be from a baselined position. The DORA assessment will deconstruct your organisation and through a survey process will help you to understand the constraints holding you back from high performance. The output will also contain a set of recommendations that form an actionable improvement roadmap.

Focusing on the constraints, an iterative and incremental approach to the work with clear business outcomes and a reassessment every 6 months to make measure improvements.

More frequent deploys, lower change failure rates and faster restoration times are normally what clients look for.


Front Five provide DevOps as a Managed Service to Agile development teams and businesses that want to run applications in the Cloud. We automate the operation of your Cloud environment for you while we work closely together with your developers and in-house architects.

Ideal for companies taking on large projects, needing help to get started and transition to a DevOps model or simply as an outsourced partner that takes care of your platforms.

Cloud Migration

New to the Cloud? Don’t know where to start or need experienced support to make sure you don’t make expensive mistakes? Business teams, Finance, Security, Operations concerned about the move? At Front Five not only can we do the technical parts but we will also help to define strategy and roadmap, implement standards and how to achieve a return-on-investment.

Our Engineering team will cover architecting for the Cloud, Automation of Configuration, Packaging, Continuous Delivery Pipelines, Proactive Monitoring, Storage Backups and Archiving, Disaster Recover.

24×7 DevOps Cloud Support

After all the big building blocks are in place platforms don’t just run themselves so we run a 24x7x365 support centre that can take platforms and applications into “BAU” mode with continued Cloud Administration, Delivery support, optimisation, monitoring, patching and reporting of usage and costs.

We collaborate back with your development teams at regular points to feedback improvements discovered through our monitoring.